The Council aims to contribute to the development of the traditional crafts industry in Osaka, by maintaining close relationship with the traditional crafts industry, and to make sound progress and improve its economic status.


The Council will carry out the following projects in order to achieve its purpose.

  1. Projects about promotion of traditional crafts industry in Osaka.
  2. Collection of materials and provision of information about traditional crafts.
  3. Projects about mutual communication of industry and development of demand.
  4. Projects about implementation of award system.
  5. Liaison and coordination with government agencies and related organizations.
  6. Other projects necessary to achieve the purpose of the Society.

Membership qualification

Members are traditional craft-related industry groups in Osaka Prefecture, and commerce and industry recommended by members, which the Council deems appropriate.

Osaka Traditional Crafts Industry Promotion Council

540-0011 c/o Suzuki Jigyo Cooperative, 628 The 6th Matsuya Bldg, 2-1-31 Noninbashi, Chuo-ku, Osaka
TEL:06-6948-5055 / FAX:06-6947-2773